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"Unabashedly proud of their rural/western roots...a really effective mix of the contemporary and the classic, the urban and the rural. Not everyone who lives in a “flyover” state is a reactionary hick; these guys upend any number of negative stereotypes someone might have about the types of people who live here. I love bands that can do that, as well as walk that line between genres as well as they do."

-- Runeii - Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box

"4H Royalty's music is not concerned with the normal crucibles of alt.country: stabs at rural "authenticity," put-on twangs, well-tread cliches. Instead, lead singer and lyricist Zach Boddicker creates song structures that alternate between narrative and lyric impulses, between honest emotion and off-kilter snapshots of rural and western life."

-- Matthew Fluharty Ph.D - Art of the Rural


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